Project Hire Kentucky | October 14th, 11am - 4pm ET
A Virtual experience to relaunch careers


Do I need to pay to attend the virtual career fair?

All job seekers may attend the virtual career fair free of charge.

How do I register for the virtual career fair?

All job seekers may register by clicking on the registration link under “Job Seekers” in the top navigation bar. All employers, please email so you can be contacted by the State of Kentucky about exhibiting.

If I miss the virtual career fair on the live date, is there a way to access it at a later date?

The virtual environment will remain accessible to registered job seekers for 30 days after the live date. During this archive period, job seekers will be able to visit booths and apply for open positions. Exhibitors will also have access to the archive period to perform resume searches and review their post-event reports. Please note that live chat functions are not active during the archive period.

How do I find out more about the virtual career fair?

After registering, you will be added to our email distribution list, and you will begin receiving important information regarding the virtual career fair, including computer tests, user guides, login links, etc. To ensure you are receiving all of our emails, and they aren’t being delivered to your spam/junk folder, please add the following email address to your contacts:

Where do I go to attend the virtual career fair?

This event takes place online, so all you need to attend is a computer connected to the Internet. You will find a link to login to the event on the main page on the day of the live event.

How will I know my computer is set up properly to work successfully in the virtual environment?

Listed below are some browser and program requirements, system checks and port checks you will need to run to ensure your computer is set up properly. It is also recommended you view the environment with a screen display resolution of 1024 x 768.

Do you have a question that hasn’t been answered above?

Please click on “Contact” in the above navigation bar to email one of our representatives.

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